ASYCUDA - Automated SYstem for CUstoms DAta

In 1981 UNCTAD received a request from the secretariat of the Economic Community of Western African States (ECOWAS) to assist in the compilation of foreign trade statistics in their member States. This involved Customs clearance offices, and the modernization of Customs clearance procedures, to achieve quality results.

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- ASYW Set-Up Manual

- How to Clean ASYW Cache

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- Tariff External__Manual_Swaziland2015_June_2017 Guide

- MV_DECLARANT(002)_final Guide

- Re-Import User Guide

- OGA Permit Management and Control Guide

- CPC Explanatory Notes Manual_9 December 2020 Guide


- External Stakeholder Manifest manual_8 November 2017 (003) Guide

- Scanned Picture File Size Reduction Tutorial

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